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We are so excited to celebrate our 30 years with you! We will also be honoring those who have contributed in seminal ways to Rachel’s Table’s fight to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste in Western Massachusetts.

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Bountiful Bowls 2023 Honorees

Rachel’s Table will be honoring the 10 women of the original 1992 Rachel’s Table Steering Committee for their vision, courage, and determination to develop the first food rescue program in Western Massachusetts, and then their continuous nurturing of this program.

  • Liz Kittredge Rome
  • Patti Belsky Weiner
  • Marjorie Berg
  • Daydie Hochberg, in memoriam
  • Judy Ingis
  • Susanne Osofsky
  • Myra Gold
  • Linda Skole
  • Ronnie Leavitt
  • Nancy Posnick

Rachel’s Table will also honor Joe Dorison, Janice Greenberg, Jon Lasko, and Jerry Munic of the Professional Advisory Council for their generosity in sharing their special expertise to grow Rachel’s Table into the organization it is today, with its new initiatives to bring more food to more people.

Lastly, Rachel’s Table will also be honoring Arbella Insurance Foundation and Beverly Tangvik for encouragement and generous financial support for Growing Gardens, Rachel Table’s newest sustainable food access and equity program.

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